Project Team
  • Darrin Martens, Acting Heritage Services Co-ordinator/Curator

    Darrin Martens has a Bachelors degree in Art History and Visual Arts from the University of Regina and a Certificate in Museum Studies from the University of British Columbia and is the acting heritage services coordinator/curator for the West Vancouver Museum & Archives.

    Darrin was the project lead for the Destinations Time Walk, responsible for personnel management, financial reporting, facilities support and administration. Darrin was a resource for the museum collection.

  • Lois Enns, District Archivist

    Lois Enns has a joint Masters of Information Systems and Archives Science from the University of Toronto, and is the district archivist for West Vancouver.

    Lois developed the original creative concept for the Destinations Time Walk. As technical lead, Lois created the database and web architecture top-level design. Lois provided domain training to the project participants, and was a resource for database development, data integrity issues and archives holdings.

  • Carolyn Petrie, Project Coordinator

    Carolyn Petrie graduated from UBC in 2003 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and plans to begin the joint Masters of Archival Studies & Library and Information Studies program in the fall of 2004.

    As project co-ordinator for the Destinations Time Walk project, Carolyn acted as the liaison with Industry Canada, developing work plans and providing administrative support on the project.

    Carolyn was also the content lead for DTW. Carolyn adapted the four walk routes and site lists from existing sources. She researched all sites, writing and adapting final copy for 86 sites and 375 elements, and input text to databases for conversion to HTML.

    Carolyn identified the majority of the images used on the site, drawing from the museum and library collections and archives holdings. She also provided digital photography for 44 sites.

  • Jackie Picard, Digital Imaging Lead

    Jackie Picard is currently enrolled in the BC Institute of Technology / Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design one-year certificate program in Design Essentials.

    As digital imaging lead on the Destinations Time Walk project, Jackie edited existing digital images, created digital scans from analog images and provided in-studio digital photography. Jackie was responsible for image standardization, including resolution requirements, file formats, colour correction and applying naming conventions. She also provided image editing, enhancement and retouching. Jackie also worked on graphic elements for the project, including logo production and development of the web page banners.

    Jackie created documentation for digital image procedures at the West Vancouver Museum & Archives, researching and adapting industry procedures to meet the traditions of museum, library and archives.

  • Jeremy Berto, Web Site Developer

    Jeremy Berto graduated from the BC Institute of Technology’s Computer Systems Technology program with a two-year diploma in Multimedia Software Development.

    As developer for the Destinations Time Walk project, Jeremy was responsible for implementing database design and web site development. Jeremy upgraded existing databases, cleaned, extracted and mapped data to achieve CHIN and RAD compliance, and adapted data for static and dynamic use.

    Jeremy built the Destinations Time Walk 450-page web site, creating the site drill-down architecture and importing page elements, including text and images. He also wrote Javascript functions to eliminate redundancy and refine code, and built Java applications to automate the extraction of metadata from image files and to convert database text files to HTML.

    Project Contributors
    District of West Vancouver
  • Hans Breuer, Mapping Technician
  • Colin Hibbard, Internet/Graphic Design Specialist
  • Glen Vander Maaten, Client Support Specialist
  • Stephen Walker, Help Desk
  • David Aguilar, Network Analyst
  • Mark Verkennis, Community Planner

  • West Vancouver Museum & Archives
  • Maggie Moore, Collections Coordinator
  • Nadine Agosti, Collections Assistant
  • Alisha Moolla, Collections Assistant

  • West Vancouver Memorial Library
  • Ted Benson, Department Head – Reference and Technical Services
  • Steve Williams, Librarian – Reference Dept.
  • Jane Jardine, Librarian Assistant