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Distance: 2.5 km
Time to complete: 45 minutes

Caulfeild Village is a West Vancouver cornerstone and one of the oldest developments within the District. The area was purchased by Francis William Caulfeild in 1899. As the community developed, special care and attention was taken to ensure that the area's characteristic rugged wilderness feel was maintained. Today, Caulfeild Park and Caulfeild Cove are testaments to this preservation effort.

1.  Caulfeild
2.  Lions Gate Bridge
3.  Caulfeild Park
4.  Greystones
5.   Caulfeild Cottage
6.  McDonald House
7.  Caulfeild Rock
8.  Caulfeild Cove
9.  St. Francis-In-The-Wood
10.  Cameron House