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The Destinations Time Walk has been broken down into four unique walks based on well-known geographical areas of West Vancouver. They are Caulfeild, Dundarave, Ambleside and Hollyburn. Each walk is distinct in character, composition and content. The Caulfield Walk focuses on the natural and scenic landscape of the region in a modest two-and-a-half kilometre walk. Dundarave, Ambleside and Hollyburn walks share their link to urban development, parkland and waterfront access; however, each area has a unique history and services. The six-and-a-half kilometre Dundarave Walk boasts numerous historically significant homes and parks. The four-kilometre Ambleside Walk encompasses historic parks, public art and numerous services in a village-style atmosphere. The five-and-a-half Hollyburn Walk includes many important historic buildings, parks and community services.

  1. Caulfeild: a natural and scenic 2.5 km walk.
  2. Dundarave: an urban and historic 6.5 km walk.
  3. Ambleside; an urban and historic 4 km walk.
  4. Hollyburn; an urban and historic 5.5 km walk.